Fresh water and portable toilet (Elsan) disposal are available from the service mooring just above St Pancras lock on the other side from the tow path. The disposal point is on the corner of the long white building, behind the fuel tank, and the water tap is close by. There is no charge to use either service.

Please do not dispose of wet wipes, moist toilet tissues or similar items in the portable toilet disposal point.

There are bins for recycling and boaters' domestic waste in the car park adjacent to the lock. There are no facilities for disposal of waste oil, contaminated bilge water, gas cylinders or other large items.

Boat painting and repairs are provided by St Pancras Dry Dock, which is run as a separate business. For bookings and other enquiries, please contact the manager through the St Pancras Dry Dock web site.

Fuel and Pump-Out services will be available at the Club between 10:30am and 3:30pm on the following days:

St Pancras Waterpoint

March 2020 - Saturday 7th

April 2020 - Saturday 4th and Saturday 25th

May 2020 - not open

June 2020 - Saturday 6th

July 2020 - Saturday 4th

August 2020 - Saturday 8th

September 2020 - Saturday 5th

October 2020 - Saturday 3rd and Saturday 24th

November 2020 - not open

December 2020 - Saturday 12th

Cash payments only.

Appointments are not required and will not be taken.