The Club's annual tideway cruise is scheduled for Saturday 19th May 2018. The cruise is for members, their guests, visiting boats and their crews.

Cruise Route
Participating vessels will lock out of Limehouse Basin on the ebb tide, transit around the Isle of Dogs, pass through the Thames Barrier, and stem the last of the ebb at Margaretness. This is close to the confluence of the Rivers Roding and Thames, known as the entrance to Barking Creek. On the first of the flood tide vessels will return inbound, pass Limehouse Lock and continue upriver to Brentford and Teddington.

The routine for the cruise is as follows:

Friday 18th May
Rendezvous in the bar of the Cruising Association (CA), adjacent to Limehouse Lock, at 1900, for the mandatory safety briefing. This is followed by an informal communal supper which provides an opportunity to meet all the crews. It’s usually a jolly event enjoyed by all.

Saturday 19th May
Departure times for Limehouse Lock are dependent on the quantity and lengths of participating vessels. A lock schedule making best use of available space will be issued at the safety briefing. On arrival at Brentford or Teddington, where the cruise ends, vessels and crews are free to disperse.

Sunday 20th May
For vessels and crews wishing to return to Limehouse from Teddington, there’s an opportunity to take an ebb tide at 0500+/- for an early morning run on an empty river. If you want to take this opportunity, please include it as a note on your registration form.

Registration Form
Please complete and return the registration form, by email, as soon as you're able to.  The limited available slots are allocated on receipt of a completed registration form. Please comply with the information on the form, particularly in regard to the section titled "the small print".

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