Diesel and Pump-Out Schedule 2018 ; Elsan status

Diesel and Pump-Out services will be available at the Club between
10:00am and 3:30pm on the following days (click on 'Read more' below*):


January 2018 - Saturday 6th

February 2018 - Saturday 3rd

March 2018 - Saturday 3rd

April 2018 - Saturday 14th

May 2018 - Saturday 12th

June 2018 - Saturday 2nd

July 2018 - Saturday 14th

August 2018 - Saturday 4th

September 2018 - Saturday 1st

October 2018 - Saturday 6th

November 2018 - Saturday 3rd

December 2018 - Saturday 15th

Appointments are not required and will not be taken.


The Elsan disposal point is available.

An earlier blockage was caused by a piece of plastic lodged in the pipe that may have detached from a portable toilet. Please take care that loose parts of your portable toilet do not fall into the Elsan disposal point.

Please do not put moist toilet tissue or tampons in your portable toilet.